Thursday, June 02, 2005

* Next Meeting * - September 14th!

Our next meeting will be September 14th. Russ Nemhauser will be presenting on the .NET Compact Framework. For those of you who are paying attention, this is the rescheduled meeting that we had planned to have originally on May 11th!

If it seems like a long time until this meeting, you're right, it is! That's because we're taking the Summer off, since most people are on vacation, etc.

However, that being said, we may have a "mini" meeting soon. This would be a shorter meeting (1-2 hours), would have no speaker, and it's main purpose would be to get together to network and go through the Freebie box to pick out stuff that I have been sent (so my freebie box doesn't explode before the next meeting!)

Stayed tuned for more details to come about this Summertime "mini" meeting!

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