Monday, March 20, 2006

New SQL Server 2005 Express Virtual Hands On Labs!

Check this out! You can try SQL Server 2005 for free really quick with no install! Just click this link and you'll be set up with a quick 20 minute lab that runs in your browser. No need to do a full SQL Server 2005 install and you'll be learning it in no time.

I love the push for more and more quickie learning resources. MS realizes that, for the most part, we are trying to grasp this stuff whenever we have a free moment and most of those moments are less than 1/2 hour, so these 10 minute "nuggets" presentations, Grok Talks, and now these Expresss HOLs are just the ticket! And did I mention they were free?!?

Up next (I wish), free, quick (like 5 minutes) e-learning modules? We'll see!

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