Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Microsoft TechEd 2012 - Day 1

Here at Microsoft's TechEd 2012, we got a few cool announcements (and one noticeably "missing" one as well).

Here's the ones we got:

LightSwitch will generate HTML5


LightSwitch is a tool from Microsoft to enable rapid application development (what? another one?), and now this now this tool will generate the latest and greatest version of HTML 5. What's really cool about that? It means you could use LightSwitch to generate an  app that runs really well on iPads and iPhones and can even be added to the home page and look like a native app, but without having to go through the app store. Hmmmm....

Bing now runs Windows Server 2012


Windows Server 2012 is so ready for prime time that Microsoft itself is using it in production, and not just any production, but for it's prime time search engine, Bing! That's a cool, huge announcement! I'm going to download Windows 2012 myself and get into this party. Ummm, it's not available yet? We don't have a release date? Wait, what? That's the missing announcement. Windows 2012 is raring to go! But not quite ready for us. Stay tuned.

Private Cloud is ready!

Not really an announcement, but it's all you hear at the conference. Not just Cloud, but Private Cloud! It's all about using Microsoft's System Center 2012 to manage your existing servers and turn them into your own Private Cloud.


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