Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Here's an opportunity for any SQL DBAs out there!


General Summary:

Candidate report directly to the Director of Application Development managing multiple databases in a development, beta, and production environment. Responsibilities will be multi-faceted including management of a corporate data warehouse, providing backup and recovery strategies, collaborating with the development team, managing the replication of a distributed data model, designing data models, performing maintenance and optimization, as well as importing and exporting data.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Administer various SQL Server DBs
2. Take a lead role in the design of a corporate data warehouse
3. Implement and manage merge replication strategy
4. Review stored procedures and tables to ensure optimal performance
5. Compile and document the data dictionary and data model
6. Author an archive process
7. Analyze findings to design, develop/test data extraction, transformation, and loading processes
8. Ensure the safety of the data through backup and recovery plans
9. Create stored procedures for recurring tasks
10. Recommend, build and analyze all indexes
11. Research data issues and propose/implement preventive actions.
12. Implement and manage database security
13. Assist application developers in their database environments
14. Identify/define opportunities to improve relevant business processes


Backup and recovery processes and technologies
Database knowledge (relational database concepts, logical and physical design)
Database tuning
Data integrity concepts
Broad technical knowledge of client/server environments

Education and Skills:

Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience
Minimum 3 years MS SQL server DBA experience (2000 preferred)
3 - 5 years IT experience
Documentation skills
Good interpersonal skills
Ability to work independently or as part of a team
Positive attitude

Contact for more info:

Aaron S. Rinehart
Technical Recruiter
Vision Technology Services

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