Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Microsoft Tech Ed 2012 - Day 2

Windows 8, Windows 8, Windows 8

Day 2 Keynote seemed all about Windows 8. Fast, fluid, windows reimagined! Microsoft has determined that we don't use our PCs like we used to. Heck, we don't use PCs anymore (at least not as much) like we did when Windows 95 first came out. Wait, what? Who uses Windows 95 anymore? Well, according to Microsoft, Windows 7 is pretty much based on Windows 95. Huh!

So, today, instead of PCs, now we use laptops and smart phones and tablets. Time for a "reimagined" OS. Windows 8 and Metro apps.

Windows 8 will have its very own App Store (hmmmm, sounds familiar).

Everything's touch based and will be smart enough to run well on these many different devices. Windows 8 will also take advantage of the fact these devices are mostly connected to the Internet. Connected communications. Store data, not locally, but in many different places, in the Cloud. It all seems very promising...

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